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Office of Equal Opportunity and the Title IX Coordinator

A message from BSU President Fred Clark:

As president, my highest priority is ensuring the safety of each and every member of the college community. Bridgewater State University is committed to preventing and holding accountable anyone responsible for acts of physical and sexual assault.

At Bridgewater, we have zero tolerance for abuse or violence against any members of our community and on our campus. The university will take appropriate action, up to and including termination, expulsion, and prosecution, against those found responsible for sexual and relationship violence. As part of a university community, it is up to each and every one of us to treat our colleagues with the respect and dignity with which we all want to be treated.

This website is part of our effort to ensure that each person understands their responsibilities, has access to information and resources regarding sexual and relationship violence issues, knows how to report any potential crime or violation, and feels safe in doing so.

—President Frederick Clark, Jr., Esq.

We can help you:

  • Understand your rights and options
  • Obtain resources
  • Organize interim support and protective measures
  • Make a report
  • Provide information regarding BSU's processes and procedures
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A number of resources are here for you, providing confidential advice, support and information.
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There are several local hospitals that can provide immediate medical attention.
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Different ways in which you can report an incident to authorities or responsible employees.